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PP string wound filter machine improves product quality

Jan 08, 2018

Under normal conditions, PP string wound filter machine can still maintain stable and efficient operation during long operation.At the same time, it can improve the quality of products in the process of production.For users, the production efficiency is improved obviously after PP string wound filter machine is put into use.


In the production process of PP string wound filter machine, it is generally used to select quality materials, not using chemical adhesives, to ensure the quality of filter element through different processing technology.Therefore, the obtained PP yarn filter has many functions, which can effectively improve the filtration efficiency and have a long service life.


In commonly used PP string wound filter mahcine after filter machining good filter products, also to the surface of it for further processing, making it a higher entrapment efficiency and environmental carrying capacity, but also can enhance its durability.In addition, the end cover of hot melt welding is added at both ends of the filter core, without any adhesive, easy to replace.

On the whole, PP string wound filter machine not only stable and reliable performance, but also has compact and reasonable structure design, high efficiency, low energy consumption, easy operation, simple maintenance etc. Advantage, thus got the favour of many users.


The current application situation, PP string wound filter machine is more and more widely, the application scope of the production of filter products can not only meet the requirements of water filter, at the same time can also be used for industrialized system process of acid and alkali liquid filtration, as well as chemical raw materials, organic solvent filtration, etc.


According to different production requirements, PP string wound filter machine can be used for PP yarn filter.The precision of these filters is also different, including 1 mu m, 3 mu m, 5 mu m, 10 mu m, 20 mu m, 30 mu m, 40 mu m, 50 mu m, and 75 mu m.In addition, the filter element can be obtained by adjusting PP string wound filter machine.