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PP string wound filter machine products and their reference standards and equipment production process.

Feb 05, 2018

PP string wound filter machine, which in essence, is a kind of filter machine, therefore, should be familiar with this kind of filter machine for and understanding, because only in this way, constantly familiar with new types of filter machine.Moreover, it can be known that it is used to produce PP yarn filter, and how to use and rationally use it, so as to obtain good economic benefits.


1.PP string wound filter machine, is its product for PP yarn filter?Are there any other products?

PP string wound filter machine, as the name implies, is used to get the filter core of PP yarn, PP, refers to polypropylene.Therefore, its product is the PP yarn filter, and no other filter core products.So, this kind of machine equipment, in the production of products, is targeted.However, there are a variety of sizes available for you to choose from.


2.PP yarn filter, which can be used in the mode of production?

PP yarn filter core, in the production mode, mainly has two kinds, one is to use PP yarn filter core machine, and, it is in the product quality, can be guaranteed.The second is to use PP yarn filter core production line, which is slightly more complicated than PP yarn filter. However, the same product can be obtained, namely, PP yarn filter element.


3.PP yarn filter core produced by PP string wound filter machine, is there any standard for reference and execution to ensure product quality?

PP yarn filter is produced by pp string wound filter machine, which is standard for reference and execution, so as to ensure good quality of products.In terms of specific standards, it is for jb-t 7218-2004, GBT 20080-2006, HG/T 2352-1992, JB/T 7218-1994, etc. Besides, there are some other standards, which are not illustrated here.


4. Production process of PP string wound filter machine, is it important to the product?

The production process of PP string wound filter machine is very important for the products produced by this equipment, because it is related to product quality and use effect.So, you can't look down on it.And the equipment of the production process, and all of us must know and clear, otherwise, cannot be used to correct operation PP string wound filter machine, and also will affect the normal operation of the equipment.http://www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com/