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Precautions for installation of stainless steel filter

Oct 23, 2017

1, the new filter must be cleaned with cleaning agent (please do not use acid cleaning) after washing with high-temperature steam sterilization, disinfection, cleaning the filter to put good, to avoid pollution.

2, in the installation of the filter when the import and export do not take the reverse, Pipeline filter bottom edge of the mouth is the liquid inlet, pipe connected to the cartridge socket pipe is a clean liquid exit.

3, the new filter is the manufacturer in the clean production plant with plastic bag packaging not used not to tear plastic packaging, the use of higher requirements of the filter, installed after the High-temperature steam sterilization.

4, the hydraulic oil filter Inserts the mouth, the filter must be vertical, insert the mouth after the plate buckle tip fin, twisting screws can not move. 226 interface of the filter after the entrance should be rotated 90 degrees, this is the key to the installation, if there is a little careless, will not reach the seal, easy to leak, can not reach the use requirements.