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Precautions for using activated carbon filter

Mar 01, 2020

1. In the water purification system, the pre-activated carbon filter element has a certain protective effect on the reverse osmosis membrane, which can prevent the residual chlorine in the raw water from damaging the reverse osmosis membrane. Therefore, the pre-activated carbon should be replaced regularly during the use of the water purifier Filter element.

2, activated carbon at the back of the water purifier can remove odor and improve the taste. If the water produced by the water purifier used for a long time has a bad taste or has an unusual smell, the activated carbon filter element should be replaced immediately.

3. Activated carbon has a strong adsorption capacity, which can adsorb impurities in water and also adsorb impurities and gases in the air. Therefore, when storing the activated carbon filter element, it should be packed in a sealed plastic bag to prevent it from being exposed to the air and being ineffective due to the adsorption of a large amount of impurities in the air.

4. Activated carbon itself is easy to produce fine-grained carbon powder, so when the activated carbon filter element is used, it will generate a certain amount of "black" water (containing carbon powder). In order to remove the adverse effects of carbon powder, the filter element should be washed with water before using activated carbon until there is no carbon powder.