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Structure and application of UDF machine

Nov 11, 2017

The filter of  UDF machine is used in production process of high adsorption of activated carbon, in the process of processing is made from a special welding process, so that it can effectively remove the odor in the water and free chlorine, UDF machine when use is mainly used for water treatment including three filter drinking water.


UDF machine produced the filters is a new kind of deep filter core, in the structure of low hot melt adhesive, continuous extrusion, when making use of the filter will have granular activated carbon adsorption, fine products with precision filtration characteristics of the tubular components, when use can effectively remove the organic compounds in the liquid, residual chlorine, peculiar smell, rust and particle, etc.


The filter core produced by UDF machine is mainly adsorbed, filtered, intercepted and catalyzed in a body, acid, alkali, salt and various organic solvents.High filtration precision, large flow, small pressure difference, high compressive strength, large amount of pollution, no toxic and tasteless, no secondary pollution.

UDF machine filter can be widely used in pure water, plating line, printed circuit board, paint, solvents, detergents, medicine, oral liquid with water injection, beverage, wine, pharmaceutical and other industries of liquid filtration, compressed air, gas filter, etc.


UDF machine produced the UDF filter is made of textile fibre precision winding in the porous skeleton, control filter layer winding plot and filter hole shape, made of different filtration precision filter. Can effectively remove particles suspended in the liquid Bella, etc.;Can withstand high filtration pressure;The filter aperture is small, and has excellent deep filtration effect.The filter core has good compatibility;The filter cartridge can be made of a variety of materials to meet the needs of various liquid filtration.