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Structure of melt-blown mask cloth machine

Apr 04, 2020

1. Screw extruder: melt the slice.

2. Metering pump: control the output and the fineness of the fiber to continuously deliver the melt to the spinneret.

3. Melt filter: filter impurities in the melt.

4. Conveying net curtain: make melt-blown fiber evenly spread on the net

5. Spinning box: After the fibers are ejected, the air is stretched with high-speed hot air to blow the fibers off and become ultra-fine fibers.

6. Feeding system: It consists of 3 measuring hoppers, which are used to measure white slices, master batch and additives.

7. Hot air blower and heater: provide the temperature and pressure of the hot air used in the spinning air flow stretching, heated by electricity, and the power consumption is large.

Coiling machine: Fully automatic coiling, melt-blown cloth into roll packaging