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Surface phenomenon of carbon filter machine

Sep 21, 2019

The carbon filter machine is a product of the powder filtering equipment. The cleaning method mainly has a pulse seismic playing type. The compressed air is ejected from the valve through the electromagnetic valve at all times to form the unit air filter device inside the device, and the product powder is cleaned and filtered.  There are four main factors affecting the cleaning effect of the product on the surface of the equipment: pressure, gas cleanliness and filter material filtration structure.  

filter device

If the air pressure is too small, it is definitely not an earthquake that accumulates the surface cleaning powder. In the case of the strength of the filtering equipment, the greater the impact air pressure allowed is good. The general painting equipment has established a pressure of 5 kg on the air, to a large extent.  Consider the general ability of filtration equipment in the market.

 The carbon filter machine's gas from the compressed air entering the solenoid valve will also affect the backflushing effect. Compared with the domestic fear materials and imported high quality, the account material is more detached; compared with the traditional polyester fiber cloth, the material is considered.  The surface treatment of the cleaning powder accumulation is more effective.https://www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com/