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T33 making machine width requirement and use power

Dec 06, 2017

Technical parameters of T33 making machine

1. Rated power: 16.45kw/set

2. Actual power: the power of the machine is 8kw/h

3. Raw materials: activated carbon and PE glue

4. The internal diameter of the internal diameter 32mm and the outside diameter of the default outer diameter of 63mm

The extruder of the T33 making machine has only one internal diameter, such as the inner diameter 30mm and the outer diameter of 63mm. If other dimensions are needed, the extruder mould needs to be replaced.


T33 making machine all reasonable structure, easy to operate across the high degree of automation control components all adopt the famous brand products, reliable performance and stable control of production line equipment layout, wide blessing can according to customer's site, and the width of the actual product design. 

1. Model: 500mm, 900mm, 1250mm, 1600mm

2. Extruder: phi 45, phi 45, phi 65, phi 65

3. Effective length: 500mm, 900mm, 1250mm, 1600mm