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The application characteristics of CTO activated carbon filter are briefly described

Jan 05, 2018

In a complete set of the CTO carbon filter making machine device, in addition to the host, at the same time also includes other related parts production, such as automatic cutting machine, cooling water tank, automatic feeding machine, mixer, etc.The automatic cutting machine is mainly used for automatic cutting of different lengths of carbon rods, with the advantages of flexible operation and advanced technology.


In the operation process of CTO carbon filter making machine, the production part - cooling water tank is mainly used to cool the carbon bar. For the user, the operation is simpler and the performance is stable.


Under normal circumstances, the carbon rod extruder of CTO carbon filter making machine can maintain production for 24 hours in a row.Its installed power is 16KW/set.And the actual power, that is to say the power that actually runs after starting up can reach 8KW every hour.


Usually we mainly use the CTO carbon filter making machine to processing of different specifications of activated carbon filter, the main raw materials for activated carbon used (mesh for 30 to 60 mesh) and PE powder.The inner diameter of the filter is 9 mm to 80 mm.The outer diameter of the activated carbon filter is between 29 mm and 120 mm.


It is important to note that one of the extruders in CTO carbon filter making machine can only process the production of a specific type of activated carbon filter.In other words, if you want to produce filter cartridges for other sizes, you will need to replace a screwdriver and a screwdriver.


In the process of operating CTO carbon filter making machine, we can process the activated carbon filter with different length requirements according to the requirements, and we can compare the common length dimensions: 5 mu m, 10 mu m, 20 mu m, 30 mu m, etc.If special specifications are required, you can specify the appropriate CTO activated carbon filter.