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The application range and raw material of carbon filter cartridge machine and its characteristics.

Jan 31, 2018

Carbon filter cartridge machine, can be seen from its name, it refers to a machine used to produce activated carbon filter, so, because of its finished product is to be activated carbon filter, so, the activated carbon filter cartridge machine.Mentioned this equipment, so, if the following, may wish to take this opportunity to lead everyone to have a good knowledge and understanding, so that everybody can have some harvest and inspired, and have a preliminary understanding on activated carbon filter cartridge machine.


1. Activated carbon filter produced by activated carbon filter cartridge machine , is it one of the filter elements?What exactly is it?

Carbon filter cartridge machine the finished product of the equipment, is the activated carbon filter element, and it is one of the filter elements, which is more common and commonly used.This finished product is a kind of filter element which is processed by special process, and is used as raw material of shell carbon and coal activated carbon.Its specific function is to remove organic matter, residual chlorine level radioactive material in the water, and also have decolorization


2. The carbon filter cartridge machine is used to produce the activated carbon filter element, which raw materials can be used?And is there only one finished product?

Activated carbon filter is used to produce carbon filter cartridge machine, which can be used as raw materials, mainly some materials with high carbon content, such as wood, coal and shell oil residue.Among them, coconut shell is more commonly used.And the finished product, is the activated carbon filter element, but in the specific kind, is not a single, generally speaking, is the compression type and the bulk type of these two kinds.


3. Which industries can use the activated carbon filter produced by the activated carbon filter cartridge machine?

Carbon filter cartridge machine, in the specific application industry, from now on, mainly for electronic power, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical, and food industry.And, in the food industry, in the beverage, alcohol and drinking water filtration, can use activated carbon filter.


4. What are the characteristics of activated carbon filter cartridge machine?

The characteristics of activated carbon filter cartridge machine, specifically speaking, are:


In the production cost, not very high, moreover, can adopt the closed operation, so, can realize the environmental protection, moreover, also has no material loss.In addition, some reasonable structures can be used to improve the working efficiency of the equipment.http://www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com/