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The basic knowledge of PP filter cartridge machine

Jan 03, 2018

In actual production, the operation of the whole production system is simple and has high production efficiency, because the PP filter cartridge machine is fully automatic control system.For users, the PP filter cartridge machine can be used to continuously produce different specifications of PP melt filter cartridge, easy to operate, high yield, high efficiency and long service life.


Performance characteristics of PP filter cartridge machine :


Because of the good practical performance of PP filter cartridge machine, it can bring great help to our production work.The device not only high automatic level, but also adopted the variable frequency speed regulation system in particular, so under normal operation condition, not only can keep high production efficiency, and low energy consumption, less waste, products of good quality, high precision.


Main application fields of PP filter cartridge machine:


For now, the use of PP filter cartridge machine produced filter products can be used to work in different situations, such as pure water manufacturing pretreatment, circulating cooling water, drinking water and laboratory water, boiler water, oil field water injection, chemical water, printing, paint, color film processing, pharmaceutical, electroplating, fuel oil, beer filtration machine beverage industry, etc.


A complete PP filter cartridge machine device in oil production parts included: air compressor, air storage tank, air heating machine, a receiver, automatic cutting machine, extrusion machine, small control cabinet and control cabinet.Other include ancillary devices such as slot machines, engraving machines and packaging machines.


The basic performance parameters of PP filter cartridge machine: PP filter cartridge machine  is not only large, it consumes less energy, it is about 30 kilowatts per hour.And it can produce filter core products with different precision, such as 1 mu m, 5 mu m, 10 mu m, 20 mu m, 30 mu m and 50 mu m.During operation, the default inner diameter of the device is 28mm. The user can replace the corresponding shaft according to the inner diameter, and the outer diameter is 38mm to 120mm.The length of the filter element can also be adjusted according to actual needs.