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The common type of filter cartridge machine and how to select the manufacturer?

Feb 28, 2018

Filter cartridge machine, the simple understanding, is a type of the equipment for producing filter, collectively known as filter production equipment, so, the main use of such equipment, is to filter the product manufacturing.So, now that we have mentioned the filter production equipment, we might as well have the knowledge and understanding so that we can use this kind of equipment correctly in the actual work, and then we can get the filter core products with qualified quality.

1. If the filter produced by filter cartridge macine is used for air filtration, what can it be called?And what are the common types of production equipment?

If the filter element produced by the filter is used in air filtration, it can be called the air filter production equipment.As for the filter production equipment of the specific species, can say, is to have a lot of, such as melt-blown filter production equipment, PP winding filter production equipment, and activated carbon filter production equipment such as these, you can choose according to the needs of different production and make sure.

2. Filter cartridge machine, whether there are main equipment and subsidiary equipment?

Filter cartridge machine, it is a general designation, so that it contains a lot of equipment, and in these devices, is divided into the primary and secondary, is, some of which are the main equipment, while others are accessory equipment, according to using need to determine whether to use.In addition, filter core production equipment, it can also be used in the filter core production line.

3. Vehicle air filter element, can it be manufactured by the filter core production equipment?Which welding method is used for welding?

Car air filter, its mainly is used for in-car air purification filters, so it also is one of the filter element, is can be used to filter production equipment for production and manufacturing, to get the product.As for the welding of the air filter element in the car, the welding method is generally adopted in the welding mode.

4. What should be taken into consideration when selecting the manufacturer of the filter cartridge machine?

In selecting and determining filter production equipment manufacturers on the job, is the need to choose and buy is considering some specific aspects, mainly, is the price for the filter production equipment, as well as product quality and production scale and strength of manufacturer, if necessary, can be field trips, such, can ensure the correct judgment, and choose the right producthttp://www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com/