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The comparison of different filter cartridge making machine selection and common flange caliber diameter of the machine

Oct 08, 2018

Continue to familiarity and understanding about filter cartridge making machine. Because of the machine produces various filter cores, and the filter core is often used in the filtration operation. Therefore , it is necessary to know what is filter core and how to use correctly to have a good filtration effect. Furthermore, it is necessary to have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the machine.


1,What specific products the manufacture of filter cartridge making machine have? Is it certified?

The manufacture of filter cartridge making machine, the production of them should be various making machine, such as melt blown filter cartridge machine, PP melt blown/spun filter cartridge machine, PP string wound filter cartridge machine and full automatic active carbon filter cartridge machine. Therefore ,its products can be diversified, not only to produce a single filter machine . And The manufacture should pass ISO, that can be assure the quality of production.


2. Is the selection of PP filter cartridge making machine the same as that of others?

The selection of PP filter cartridge making machine, compared with the selection of others, is the same in the basic considerations of the selection, including product origin, detailed parameters, quality, real-time quotation and price quotation, as well as product manufacturers and after-sales service. However, due to the different types of machine, some of its targeted considerations must be different. Therefore, generally speaking, the selection of PP melt blown filter cartridge machine is different from others, not exactly the same.


3. Does the filter core in the filter have to be available? If I want to use it, how to get it?

The filter is a filter device, and the filter function is the filter core, so that the filter must have the filter core, otherwise it can’t operation and use normally. For different medium need different filter cores. For example, oil filter element is used for oil filter, and air filter element is used for air filter. However, both of them can be produced by filter cartridge making machine, because the machine can produce different types of filter cores.


4. What is the common flange diameter of the filter core machine? In what aspects does this production use more?

The common flange diameter of the filter core machine, its range is DN20-200, and how to choose in this range that is according to the type of medium and medium processing requirements. Most of the filter cores produced by the filter core machine are used in the filtration operation of liquid and gas, such as circulating filtration and RO pre/post filtration.http://www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com/