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The construction process characteristics of the filter cartridge machine

Jun 01, 2020

Filter element structure: The filter element of the filter element type dust removal device is a filter element, and the structure of the filter element is divided into four parts: a top cover, a metal frame, a pleated filter material and a base.  The filter element is a design length of filter material folded into pleats; a ventilation system consisting of a dust removal device with excellent performance is what most users expect.  The so-called submerged filter cartridge dust removal device refers to a dust removal device in which the filter cartridge is placed obliquely or horizontally, and a part of the airflow is wound around the filter cartridge for filtering.  The use of downward airflow can improve the dust removal effect.  (1) The pressure difference is small.  (2) High efficiency.  (3) Reasonable aerodynamic design.  (4) Flexible assembly module structure, faster and more convenient.