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The difference between PP folding filter machine and PP spun/melt blown filter machine

Sep 28, 2019

The filter element is a purification equipment required by the filtration industry to purify the resources and resources of the original ecology.  Many people think that PP folding filter and PP melt blown filter are the same.  This is wrong.  What is the difference between the PP folding filter and the PP melt blown filter?  The PP folding filter cartridge is made of a polypropylene composite membrane as a filter material and a polypropylene shell is heat-sealed.  There is no adhesive in the production, and the filter has no media to fall off.  It can be used for liquid gas filtration.

 The melt blown filter is sprayed from polypropylene microfiber.  Deep filtration, made in one time.  Good overall.  Deep filtration, large flux, strong dirt holding capacity, all polypropylene structure, good chemical correlation and low price.