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The filter element of the T33 machine should be paid attention to when changing the filter element

Nov 08, 2017

T33 machine, also known as activated carbon filter machine, mainly used in water purification equipment in use after filtering, when making use of it is mainly used for adsorption of impurities in water, so that you can achieve the purpose of improving taste, T33 machine in household water purifiers, pure water machine and so on have very extensive application.

T33 machine in the process of the filter in the production of mainly by the high quality fruit shell carbon and coal activated carbon as the main raw material, supplemented by consumption level adhesive, using high-tech technology, through special process, it combines the adsorption and filtration, intercept, catalysis, can effectively remove the organic matter, residual chlorine and other radioactive substances in the water, and the effect of decoloring, odor removal.

T33 machine filter for use in the process of production by its life there is a limit, according to the water quantity and water quality is good or bad, so life will be affected by a certain, T33 main role is to improve the taste of water, if the filtering out of the water to drink up smell of chlorine, that is T33 to replace

T33 machine produced the filters for replacement filter, need effective check the length of the filter element, is the length of the old and the new filter, if the new filter length less than you can use the method of adding rubber mat.

The filter of  T33 machine was laid in the process of put is the filter need to be paid attention to, especially the PP is easy to put the partial twist filter bottle by hand when you need to feel, don't hard twist, twist fixed to unscrew the filter bottle put the filter back positive, so as not to damage the filter.The granule activated carbon has a rubber cushion on the top, and the T33 is marked with water flow direction.

Filter installed after the flush before they can access level system, the disconnected when cleaning the next level of pipeline, RO level with electricity to wash, ultrafiltration water purification machine just open the inlet ball valve can wash and rinse at least 5 minutes, rinse after the access to the lower processing system.