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The filter of GAC machine inhibits bacterial breeding and contact time of activated carbon

Nov 03, 2017

GAC machine also referred to as the GAC filter machine, when making use of the filter by filling active carbon filter material, inside a specially designed sponge can filter material compaction, and the end of 20 microns PP melt-blown filter layer can effectively prevent the fine particles seepage, GAC machine of different filter can effectively filter out the water color, odor, residual chlorine, colloidal substances and volatile organic compounds.

GAC machine produces the filter when making use of effectively restrain bacterial growth, so in the drinking water filtration products and more used in household water purifiers, the material of the filter mainly by coal char or nut shell, coconut shell carbon materials.

GAC machine filter shell end cover is made of ABS or PE, sealing gaskets for nitrile rubber products, in the process of operating the maximum operating temperature is 52 degrees, compression performance of active carbon is very outstanding, when making use of the high quality of powder activated carbon, and many kinds of special formula, through the unique deep compression activation manufacturing process and the filtering effect at low temperature.

GAC machine produced the filter hole formation, aperture twists and turns, greatly extended the water and the contact time of activated carbon, high efficiency filter different color, odor, heavy metals and carcinogens such as THMS and can strongly inhibit bacteria reproduction.

The filter of GAC machine super adsorption, can effectively make full use of powder bonded materials build hole features and high adsorption capacity of activated carbon, natural activation forming at high temperature, avoid the surface of activated carbon as binder and reduce its adsorption function, maximum increased adsorption ratio surface area and adsorption speed.Adsorption capacity is tens of times that of ordinary activated carbon.