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The future development direction of China filtration equipment

Oct 23, 2017

With the national water treatment equipment related requirements, in recent years, energy conservation and environmental protection has become the trend of the times. With the gradual enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, filtration equipment enterprises developed rapidly, through technological innovation, improve product structure, and seek long-term development.

At present, the filtration equipment which plays a decisive role in water treatment has a good development prospect. In the pharmaceutical water treatment, filtration equipment has become an indispensable role.

Most of our filter factory enterprises are small in scale, low in production concentration, high level repetitive construction phenomenon and excess production capacity of low-end products. Whether it is the original filter enterprise scale of production expansion, or the establishment of a new filter production enterprises, process equipment and product technology is mostly not improved, low-end product capacity is obviously excess.

Filtration equipment industry in China, although the development time is not long, but everyone for the filter equipment enthusiasm is growing, this is definitely a good trend, I believe that the domestic market will slowly to the international market closer. Therefore, the domestic filtration equipment industry should establish a special research and development center, improve the ability of self-development, filtration equipment production can not always blindly copy foreign technology, but should be directed at our market situation, the development of the people applicable products.