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The importance of the quality standard and maintenance of the filter cartridge machine

Feb 04, 2018

Filter cartridge machine, its simple to understand, is used to manufacture melt-blown filter of a kind of machinery, equipment, and is a kind of filter machine, so it is called filter cartridge machine .So what do we know about this machine?Below, will be the introduction of the filter cartridge machine, so that people have a certain familiarity with it, and not know nothing about it.


1. What is the product filter cartridge machine of the melt filter core?

Filter cartridge machine, the production of melt-blown filter the finished product, it specifically, refers to the use of polypropylene particles, and after heating melting, spinning, drawing and forming steps, such as a pipe shape filter is obtained.If the material is made of polypropylene, it can be called a PP melt filter.

2. How do you qualify for the quality of the cartridge filter for filter cartridge machine?

With filter cartridge machine to produce the melt-blown filter, the quality of qualified standard, is as follows: there are widely used and good chemical intermiscibility, there is no any additive and fiber should not fall off.In addition, should flow large, the filtration accuracy is good and the sodium pollution amount is large, and, has the longer service life.It also requires good performance in the ability to intercept the filth.


3. What are the technical parameters of the filter cartridge machine and its finished product?

There are some related technical parameters for the filter cartridge machine  and its finished product.Furthermore, these technical parameters can be used to determine the quality of the finished product.Therefore, it is a very important aspect, cannot be treated carelessly.The technical parameters of the filter cartridge machine are mainly applicable to the PH value, pressure difference and working temperature. All of them are important, so one cannot be missed.


4. Is it important to maintain and maintain the filter cartridge machine?

Filter cartridge machine, it is a machinery and equipment, so the maintenance work, is also very important, because the relationship between the use effect and service life of equipment, therefore, cannot despise or careless.In addition, the daily maintenance work should be carried out after the use of the filter cartridge machine, so that the service life of the equipment can be guaranteed or extended.http://www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com/