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The main characteristics of carbon fiber filter

Feb 16, 2020

Carbon fiber filter element mainly has not only the inherent characteristics of carbon material, but also the soft processability of textile fibers. It is a new generation of adsorption material. More than 80% of the carbon atoms of the carbon fiber filter element are located on the inner and outer surfaces. It is called surface solid.

Carbon fiber filter element is a composite depth filter composed of cellulose and activated carbon powder, combined with the dual function filter material structure of activated carbon adsorption. The outer layer of the central pillar of the filter element is lined with precision fiber filter material, supplemented with activated carbon fiber. Cloth is formed around; when the liquid flows through the filter material, the outer deep fiber filter material structure can block the polluting particles. And organic chemicals; the innermost fiber filter media can prevent carbon particles and fine pollutants from flowing out, and can provide the final quality assurance and complete filtration treatment of the filtrate.

Activated carbon is a porous substance with the ability to adsorb organic compounds. Therefore, it is widely used in chemical processes to remove (adsorb) unwanted pollution particles in the filtrate as decolorization, deodorization, and deodorization. Tools such as oil stains; Because the strength of the adsorption force (efficiency) depends on the filtration method, the flow rate of the filtrate, the contact time with the type of activated carbon, and the contact area, etc., the correct selection of process conditions can greatly reduce the use of filter materials. Improve the efficiency of liquid treatment of filter media and improve the quality of liquid filtration.