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The main performance of the carbon filter making machine and the application field of the filter element produced

Jan 24, 2019

The main performance of the carbon filter making machine


1. The carbon filter making machine has high filtration precision, small pressure difference, large flow rate, large dirt consumption and long service life.


2. The carbon filter making machine has a small outer diameter and a good deep filtration effect.


3. The filter element produced by the carbon filter making machine is made of a variety of materials to ensure a variety of liquid filtration requirements for optimal filtration.



Application fields of filter cartridges produced by carbon filter making machines


1. Filtered water: such as medium and large ultra-pure water system pre-filtering treatment, beverage industry water pre-filtering treatment;


2. Filtration in the food industry: filtration of various types of slurries such as cooking oil, vegetable oil filtration, syrup, chocolate, etc.;


3. Chemical industry filtration: such as filtration of electroplating solution, filtration of paint, oil, paint, mechanical oil, cutting oil, heavy oil, fuel filtration, high viscosity resin, grease filtration, pharmaceutical filtration;www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com