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The mechanical strength and adsorption speed of CTO carbon filter making machine

Jan 26, 2018

When CTO carbon filter making machine mainly adopts the design of hydraulic simulation of length to diameter and adopt reasonable particle size, specific surface area is larger than 1000 / g efficient active carbon, the both upper special filter and has the functions such as the lower efficient adsorption, greatly improve the production water purification degree and the service life of carbon. 


CTO carbon filter making machine water quality after activated carbon adsorption filter residual chlorine content: 0.1 PPM or less, the peculiar smell in the water, organic matter, colloid, iron and residual chlorine and other outstanding performance, to reduce the water turbidity, chromaticity, purify water quality, reduce the follow-up system (reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, ion exchanger) pollution and so on also has a good effect. 


CTO carbon filter making machine is a kind of water treatment equipment, which are frequently used when making use of water treatment desalination system as its level before the pretreatment can effective adsorption filtration can't remove the residual chlorine, which can effectively guarantee the equipment service life, improve water quality, pollution prevention, especially to prevent reverse osmosis membrane, ion exchange resins such as pollution of free residual chlorine poisoning. 

When CTO carbon filter making machine, also the leakage of small molecule adsorption organic pollutants, such as peculiar smell, colloid and pigment, heavy metal ions in water have more apparent, such as adsorption removal effect, also have the effect that reduce COD.Can further reduce the SDI value of RO water, activated carbon filter design parameters should be dealt with according to the water, the water requirement and the types of activated carbon, refer to similar power plants operating experience or determined through experiments. 


CTO carbon filter making machine should choose the activated carbon activated carbon filter with good mechanical strength, fast adsorption speed and high adsorption capacity, which can be improved after hydrogen ion exchanger.The activated carbon filter should be backwash regularly.