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The performance and use of hydraulic filter

Oct 23, 2017

The use of hydraulic oil filter performance:

The hydraulic oil filter is used for oil absorption filtration, the glue material in the working medium and the solid granule, the pollution degree of the working medium is effectively controlled, the hydraulic oil filter is installed in the tank, and must be installed in the tank below the liquid surface. Filter material using stainless steel woven wire mesh or copper mesh, can be reused, thus saving costs.

Hydraulic Oil Filter Use:

1, Textile: Polyester melt in the process of purification and uniform filtration, air compressor protection filter, compressed gas removal of oil and water.

2, Metallurgy: For continuous casting machine, rolling mill and other hydraulic system filtration and a variety of lubrication equipment filtration.

3, mechanical processing equipment: mining machinery, paper machinery, injection molding machine and large-scale precision machinery of the compressed air purification and lubrication system, spraying equipment and tobacco processing equipment dust recovery filtration.

4, Electronics and pharmaceuticals: deionized water, reverse osmosis water treatment filtration, cleaning liquid and glucose pretreatment filtration.

5. Railway internal combustion engine and generator: filtration of oil and lubricating oil.

6, Thermal and nuclear power: boiler, Gas turbine lubrication system, bypass control system, oil speed control system purification, water pumps, fans and dust removal system purification.

7, Petrochemical: Chemical, oil refining process products and intermediate product separation and recovery, oil injection wells and natural gas in addition to particulate filtration.

8. Automobile engine and engineering machinery.