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The principle of wounding filter

Jan 07, 2020

The wounding filter element obtains a fiber yarn with good filtering performance from a porous framework. Its raw materials are polypropylene fiber, acrylic fiber and cotton fiber. By controlling the winding and bulk of the yarn, the filter element of the yarn can have different accuracy.

The principle of wounding filter

Wire-wound filter is a deep-layer filter used for low-viscosity quality, low-noise filters, composed of fiber threads (polypropylene threads, absorbent cotton threads, etc.), and a porous skeleton (polypropylene, stainless steel) according to a specific precision winding process ), With a thin dense honeycomb structure, it can effectively remove suspended solid fluids, particles, rust and other debris in the water, and has good filtering characteristics.

Well wounding filter element can show the filtering effect of the depth filter material. Ideally, it becomes denser from outside to inside. The density of the filter material must be controlled with different wire thickness or winding tension when rolling. With a dense structure and a thin outer meandering filter, a depth filtering material that can have a depth effect, filtering can effectively improve the efficiency of intercepting more foreign particles. The filtering accuracy of the winding filter is determined by the thickness of the wire and the density of the winding. The thinner the wire and the closer it is, the smaller the porosity and the higher the accuracy. Similarly, the denser the wire structure, the higher the filtering accuracy. However, in the filtration process, the filter element must be able to maintain its special structure and pore size to provide stable and uniform filtration quality.

The wounding filter element is formed by spinning textile fibers around a multi-frame in a specific manner. Controlling the winding density of the filter element during winding can make filter elements with different filtering accuracy. The filter element has a large pore size and a small pore size inside, which has excellent deep filtering effect.