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The product structure of filter element and the production process of specific filter core type.

May 03, 2018

Introduction to filter machine, is the interpretation of relevant knowledge, or solve problems, the following will continue, because we haven't reached this level, so, still have to continue this work, in order to let everyone with learning content, in turn, to have a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of filter machine, and at the same time, also can correct use and reasonable use of this equipment.

1. What is the filter element produced by the filter element?

The filter element produced by the filter element is composed of the top cover, metal frame, base and filter material. Moreover, these four are very basic and important parts, so it is indispensable. The main product of the filter element is the filter element, which is a filter element, which is used in various filtration operations.

2.PP filter core machine, its price influence factor, is the same with other filter core machine?

PP filter machine, its price influence factors, it is with other filter machine, because PP filter machine with other filter machine, is in the realm of filter machine, filter machine, its related factors on the price or influencing factors, mainly has the quality of the product, origin, manufacturer, and after-sale services such as these. So, all of these things need to be taken into account, one can't be missed.

3. Which filter cartridge is used for the filter core? What is its production process?

The melt filter element is obtained through the melt filter core machine. Besides, it can also be the molten filter core production line, which is also acceptable. And this kind of filter element, its production technology, is for the melting spray process, and through the adjustment process and so on the combination, to obtain the quality of the melt filter core.

4. What is the unit of the filter element? Is the same size of filter element in the type and purpose of the filter?

Filter size, the unit is to inch, so, there are 10 and 11 inches, etc. These specifications, and the same size of the filter, if they are different, so the corresponding filter machine, also is not the same, such as PP filter and melt-blown filter, respectively corresponding to the PP filter machine and melt-blown filter machine. And they're not the same for use, but they can be used interchangeably if the filter is required.http://www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com/