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The production process and product application and some comparison of PP melt blown filter cartridge machine .

Feb 03, 2018

PP melt blown filter cartridge machine, as the name implies, is to manufacture a kind of PP melt-blown cartridge filter machine, so it belongs to filter machine, and its products are for PP melt-blown filter, moreover, it is more common, and commonly used a filter.Therefore, based on this point, it is necessary to understand and understand the PP melt blown filter cartridge machine, so as to carry out proper operation and use, and thus, the use effect and economic benefit of the equipment can be improved.


1. PP melt blown filter cartridge machine, which is different from the normal melt filter core?

PP melt blown filter cartridge machine, it can get the product, is the PP melt filter core this kind of filter element, and the PP, is the polypropylene.If, with the ordinary melt-blown filter are compared, then can get the conclusion that the two there is a difference, because PP melt-blown filter on the chemical compatibility and corrosion resistance, with outstanding performance, so it can be used for filtering of acid alkali and organic solvents


2. What are the structural features of PP melt blown filter cartridge machine?Is there any influence on using PP melt filter?

PP melt blown filter cartridge, its structural characteristics, is the fiber fineness is relatively small, usually, is less than 10 microns, generally speaking, it is within the range of 1 to 4 microns.It is very good to preserve this characteristic by using PP melt blown filter cartridge machine, so as to ensure good use effect and filtration performance of the filter.


3. Is there any difference between PP melt blown filter cartridge machine and PP melt filter core production line?

PP melt-blown filter cartridge machine and the PP melt-blown filter production line, although the two are used for production of PP melt-blown cartridge, however, from a professional point of view, still have very big distinction, the former is a machinery and equipment, which is a production line.And, in terms of composition, these two are not the same.So, they're not equal.


4. What is the production process of PP melt blown filter cartridge machine?Can it adopt automatic control system?In addition, which industries can its products be used in?

Production technology of PP melt-blown filter cartridge machine, its in particular, is under a certain temperature, melt-blown general is above 100 ℃, thus to get PP melt-blown filter this kind of filter.Moreover, it can adopt automatic control system, which can improve the efficiency of equipment and production efficiency.As for the products produced by the equipment, it is mainly used in petroleum and chemical industry.http://www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com/