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The secret to longevity of filter equipment

Mar 13, 2020

Every car now has a car, which means that it has a filter. How can it be your filter's longevity? Any tips?

In the application reference provided by filter equipment manufacturers for the long service life of the filter, there is such a link: the filter must be cleaned, the filter element must be unplugged, washed and dried, and sealed in a plastic bag. Do not contaminate, the filter should be stored clean and not damaged. In this process, the replaced filter element should be immersed in the acid and alkali washing solution, and the immersion time should not exceed 24 hours. The temperature of the acid and alkali solution is generally 25 ° C-50 ° C. It is recommended that the ratio of acid or base to water be 10-20%. The high protein content of the filtrate and filter element is best soaked with enzyme solution, cleaning effect is good, renew and reuse, be sure to clean and then disinfect with steam, cleaning and disinfection is very important for water filters and drying filters. Filter element disinfection should pay attention to grasp the time and temperature. Polypropylene in high temperature disinfection cabinet is suitable for 121 ℃, steam sterilization under 0.1MPa steam pressure, 130 ℃ / 20 minutes is suitable, polysulfone and polytetrafluoroethylene Steam sterilization can reach 142 ° C, pressure 0.2MPa, and the time is about 30 minutes. If the temperature of the filter equipment is too high, the time is too long, and the pressure is too high, it will damage the filter element.

One of the "longevity" tips: Avoid heat

The temperature of the engine piston is too high, which may cause overheating and melting to cause cylinder holding; rubber seals, triangle tapes, tires, etc. are overheated, which is prone to premature aging, decreased performance, and shortened service life; electrical appliances such as starters, generators, and regulators The coil is overheated and easily burned and scrapped.

"Longevity" tip 2: Avoid Dirty

If the filter equipment such as fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, hydraulic oil filter and various filters are too dirty, the filtering effect will be deteriorated. Water tank fins, air-cooled engine block and cylinder head fins, cooler fins and other parts are too dirty, which will cause poor heat dissipation and high temperature.

"Longevity" tip 3: Avoidance

The engine cylinder gasket cannot be reversed during installation, otherwise the cylinder gasket will be prematurely ablated and damaged; the engine fan blades must not be reversed during installation; for tires with directional patterns and herringbone pattern tires, the ground impression after installation should be The chevron points to the back.

"Longevity" tip 4: Avoiding Shortfalls

Engine valve lock plates should be installed in pairs, such as missing or missing will cause the valve to run out of control and damage the piston, etc .; engine connecting rod bolts, flywheel bolts, split pins installed on drive shaft bolts, locking screws, safety plates or If the anti-loosening device such as spring pads is not installed, it may lead to serious failure in use; if the oil nozzle used to lubricate the gears in the engine timing gear room is leaked, it will cause serious oil leakage there.

"Longevity" tip 5: Avoid oil

If the paper filter element of the engine dry air filter is stained with oil, it is easy for the denser mixed gas to be sucked into the cylinder, so that the amount of air is insufficient, the fuel consumption is increased, and the engine power is reduced. Corrosion and aging will be accelerated; oil on brake shoes, friction plates of dry clutches, and brake belts will threaten driving safety. Tire rubber is very sensitive to oil corrosion. Contact with oil will make the rubber soft or peeling.

"Longevity" tip 6: Avoid Washing

For the paper air filter element of the engine, it can not be cleaned with any oil; for leather parts, it is not suitable to be cleaned with oil.

"Longevity" tip 7: Avoid Stress

If tire tyres are stored for a long time under stacking and are not flipped in time, they will be deformed due to squeezing; if the paper filter elements of air filters and fuel filters are squeezed, they cannot reliably perform the filtering function; Rubber oil seals, triangle tapes, tubing, filter equipment, etc. cannot be squeezed.

Overall, these 7 tips are enough for your filter equipment to live long.