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The whole machine reset method of the pp string wound filter machine and the preparation of the trial running program

Aug 07, 2019

The pp string wound filter cartridge machine

Under normal circumstances, the pp string wound filter cartridge machine may cause the whole machine error due to the transient fault. The hardware reset or the switching system power supply may be used to clear the fault in turn. If the system working storage area is unstable due to voltage instability, the plug-in circuit board or the rectifier switch power supply is under voltage.  If it is confusing, the system must be initialized and cleared. Before cleaning, you should pay attention to the current data backup record. If the fault cannot be eliminated after reset initialization, perform hardware replacement diagnosis.

The pp string wound filter machine preparation test run program

 Compiling a reasonable program and running successfully is the basis for determining whether the system function is intact or not. Some winding machine parameter setting errors may cause system failure or a certain function to be invalid. Sometimes, due to user program error, the machine can be shut down.  Use the test run program to check and correct the error of the user program to ensure its normal operation.

 PP string wound filter machine makes good use of various adjustable parts

 Such as the tension of the winding, the screen voltage, the adjustment of the starting position of the cable tray, etc., is an easy and simple method in maintenance.  Correct some innocuous faults by adjusting the adjustable parts.  For example, if a pp string wound machine that has been used for many years is repaired in a certain enterprise, the system display screen is dim, and it is normal after adjusting the screen power supply voltage.