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The working process of activated carbon filter

Feb 27, 2020

The adsorption principle of activated carbon filter is like the sponge absorbs water. The adsorption function is achieved through the pores, and the pores of activated carbon are extremely developed, so the adsorption function is particularly strong. Let's take a look at the working process and precautions of the activated carbon filter.

Working process of activated carbon filter

1. Raw water enters the fixed seat through the water inlet of the B-type fixed seat, and enters the filter element from the activated carbon filter water inlet (the center of the top of the filter shell).

2. Raw water enters the raw water channel in the center of the household water purifier filter element, and passes through the fiber activated carbon + PP composite filter material. In the process of passing through the filter material, activated carbon fibers adsorbed large particles of impurities, organic matter, heavy metals, residual chlorine and other pollutants in the raw water, so that the raw water was purified;

3. Purified water gathers in the space between the outer wall of the filter element and the filter case, and then flows through the water outlet at the top and side of the filter case to the water outlet of the fixed seat of the filter element and flows out from the water outlet of the fixed seat.

4. The quick-change activated carbon filter for household water purifiers is used in conjunction with the B-type fixed seat, so the water flow mode is the internal water inlet mode. The water flow mode is controlled by the fixed seat, which must be considered in the design process of the filter element. Under special circumstances, the activated carbon filter can also be used with the A-type fixed seat.