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There are two main types of activated carbon filter products

Dec 22, 2019

Compressed activated carbon filter, bulk activated carbon filter.  1. The compressed activated carbon filter uses high-adsorption coal activated carbon and coconut shell activated carbon as the filter material, and is sintered and compressed with a food-grade adhesive.  The compressed activated carbon filter is wrapped with a layer of non-woven fabric inside and outside to ensure that the carbon core itself does not drop the carbon powder. The two ends of the carbon core are equipped with soft butadiene rubber gaskets, so that the carbon core is installed in the filter cartridge.  With good sealing.  2. Bulk type activated carbon filter inserts the required activated carbon particles into a special plastic case, and welds the end caps to the two ends of the case with a welding device. The two ends of the case are respectively placed in a non-woven fabric that functions as a filter.  Filters to ensure that carbon powder and black water do not fall during use.  According to the needs of customers, the housing end caps can be made into different types of connection ports.  The interface methods are: flat pressure type, pipeline type.