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Type of high efficiency air filter size and application of bag air filter

Aug 23, 2018

Air filter, the filter is a specific type, is also a common species, and for all of us, is the need to have an in-depth study and understanding, can know what occasion can use this kind of filter, and how to correct operation, let the product in use to avoid problems, and have good using effect.

1. Can some comparisons be made in the selection of air filters?

In the process of selecting air filter products, some comparisons can be made to the products produced by different manufacturers. In this way, you can have a correct judgment and select the right products for you.In its comparable aspect, there are product price, place of origin, detailed parameters, evaluation and pictures, and it can help the product selection work of air filter.

2. What is the specific application of F7 bag air filter?

F7 bag air filter, which is a specific type of air filter, is a bag air filter.This bag air filter is mainly used to capture dust particles of 1-5um, so it can be used in the air conditioning system for intermediate filtration in order to obtain good filtering effect and make the product have good use effect.

3. Are there two kinds of air filters, salt fog and activated carbon air filter?

Air filter, it is a major categories, so it can be classified again and get a different kinds, and salt spray air filter and activated carbon air filter, this is the two specific types, and they also have specific models, such as at the beginning of HPS salt spray air filter efficiency, HMS effect salt fog in the air filter, HHS efficient salt spray air filter, HACH v-shaped activated carbon air filter and HACF plate type activated carbon air filter.

4. Why is there any difference in size between the high efficiency filter with baffle and the high efficiency filter without baffle?

There are barrier and non-barrier filters, both of which are air filters.However, in terms of filter size, there are actual size and nominal size, and the two sizes are different in definition. Nominal size includes outer frame and filter material, while actual size does not include outer frame of filter material, only the width, height, depth and area of filter material are calculated.http://www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com/