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Types and advantages of oil filter cartridge machine

Dec 18, 2019

 ①Plastic filter cartridge machine, this machine uses a certain heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant engineering plastic, and then sintered into a porous filter with deep filtration.  This filter machine can be used after being maintained in accordance with certain maintenance regulations.

 ② Microporous filter paper filter cartridge machine is a special filter paper impregnated with resin. After heat curing, the stiffness and strength are greatly improved, and it can withstand a certain pressure difference.  However, because it is inserted and inserted during use, the service life is short.  In order to overcome this shortcoming, the inner wall of the filter is usually lined with a lining or an inner frame, or a corrugated corrugation is rolled out on the surface of the filter paper, and the service life can be increased by 2 to 3 times.  Generally, no maintenance is performed on the paper filter, and a new filter is directly replaced after being blocked.  The paper filter is usually installed in the main oil passage for full-flow filtration, but it can also be installed in the branch branch parallel to the main oil passage for shunt filtration.

 ③ A wound filter cartridge rolled with steel or brass strips has a convex shape at a certain distance on the surface, and the height of the convexity is 0.04 ~ 0.09 mm. This metal strip is wound around a grooved surface.  On the corrugated tube, the bottom surface of the previous belt is in contact with the convex surface of the next belt, forming a lot of gaps. This is the wound slot filter.

 ④ The centrifugal filter uses the pressure energy of the lubrication system itself to generate a reaction torque from the oil passing through the nozzle to drive the rotor to rotate. The oil in the rotor separates solid impurities under the action of centrifugal force and accumulates on the inner wall of the rotor.  The oil in the center part becomes clean and flows back from the nozzle to the oil pan.  This is how the centrifugal filter works.  If the oil in the central part of the rotor is directly introduced into the main oil passage, it becomes a full-flow centrifugal filter, and the aforementioned structure is called a split-flow centrifugal filter.  Centrifugal filters are mainly used in centrifugal separators.

 ⑤Sawdust filter is also called sawdust filter. It uses red and white pine sawdust as raw material, sorted by sieve, mixed with pulp molding, dried and dehydrated. The raw material of sawdust filter has a single variety, simple process operation and good filtering fineness.  Is its advantages.  However, due to the dense structure of the filter, large resistance and short service life, it can only be used for shunt filtration.

 ⑥ The metal mesh filter is made of phosphor copper wire mesh or brass wire mesh with a mesh size of 100 to 200 meshes per inch. The shape of the filter is cylindrical and laminated.  The metal mesh filter has a large flow, small resistance, reliable function, and easy cleaning. It is often used as a full-flow filter.  The filtration fineness depends on the mesh specifications.  In recent years, due to the development of the chemical industry, nylon materials have been used as the framework for supporting the screens, and nylon fabrics have been used instead of metal meshes. This structure saves non-ferrous metals and is conducive to production and development.

 The filtering effect of various filters on oil is different, and the most commonly used is metal mesh filter. This filter is very simple to filter oil and easy to clean. It is the filter cartridge machine of people's toad palace oil filter.