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Types of filter elements used in common water purifiers

Dec 12, 2019

 1. There are two types of water purifiers: ①, MU type water purifier, ②, MRO type water purifier.  The difference between these two water purifiers is that their main filters are different.

 There are mainly three types of MU-type water purifier filters, activated carbon filters, PP fiber filters, ultrafiltration membrane filters. This type of water purifier does not need to be powered on and does not need to discharge sewage, so the price is generally comparable!

 The MRO type water purifier also mainly uses three types of filters, activated carbon filters, PP fiber filters, and reverse osmosis (RO) filters. The first two are the same as the MU type, but the latter are different!  This type of water purifier uses a reverse osmosis filter, so it needs to be equipped with a pressure bottle to work on electricity and also need to discharge sewage. The price is relatively expensive!

 2, straight drink machine.  The straight drinker is a combination of a water purifier and a pipeline machine, which looks similar to a water dispenser. As long as the water pipe is connected to the water pipe, you can take water for drinking.  Remember that the line machine is not a water purifier. Its main function is heating and cooling.  There are also three types of pipeline machines. The difference between the three types of R, D, and L models is that they have different cooling methods. The R type pipeline machine is a common refrigeration method, and the D type is electronic.  Cooling method, L type is compression cooling method.  These three types of pipeline machines are generally more expensive than L-type, followed by D-type and R-type.  Pipeline machines are usually installed or placed in the living room.  Water purifiers are usually installed in the kitchen!  The water purifier in the straight drink machine uses activated carbon filter and PP fiber filter.

 The filter of the water purifier is often changed to ensure that everyone can drink healthy and beneficial water.  The common types of water purifier filters include the ones introduced above.  Such a multi-functional and different filter is sure to dazzle everyone, so go and choose one that suits you.