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UDF filter cartridge machine energy consumption reduction and use advantages

Nov 29, 2017

UDF filter cartridge machine for use in the process of effective implementation of the filter, continuous automated production equipment, the amount of continuous production infinite filter greatly cut down the consumption of the raw material, and has high capacity, low power consumption, low loss, easy operation, etc. 


UDF filter cartridge machine energy consumption reduction

Improve the reasonableness of the equipment, adopt a new heater, reduce the installed capacity of 30 ~ 40KW, thus reduce the production cost.To improve the reliability of the equipment, it is applicable to full automatic control system when used. It has the characteristics of large yield, high efficiency and long service life. 


UDF filter cartridge machine adopts inverter speed regulation system, low energy consumption, less waste, good quality, stable performance and high precision of filter core.The multi-layer structure of filter core can be realized through multi-layer filtration. 


Advantages of UDF filter core machine

Save electricity. 

When the machine is working properly, it can be used up to 35 degrees per hour.It is learned that many manufacturers use very large amount of electricity. 

2. Large production. 

The above output refers to the minimum output, and if the operation is skilled, the output will be more.