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Under what circumstances should the filter element of the water purification equipment need to be replaced?

Jul 27, 2020

Why should the water purification filter equipment be replaced after a period of use? Let's take a brief look at it!

The flow rate of the water outlet of the water purification equipment becomes very small, which can not meet the daily usage situation, indicating that the filter element is in a state of being blocked, and it is time to clean the filter element. After that, the normal flow rate has not been restored. Then, for health, your The filter element should be replaced.

The taste of water is similar to that of tap water. The smell of chlorine is still in the water. Obviously, it is time to change the filter element. The water purification capacity is consumed. We all know that the activated carbon in the water purifier has strong adsorption and water purification effects. It is also important to note that the activated carbon itself is easy to breed bacteria. When the adsorption is saturated, it is easy to make the purified water The device becomes a sewage device.

When your water purifier has been in use for up to two years and the filter has not been replaced, it means that your filter should also be replaced. The use of water purifiers is not once and for all. Only by changing cores can you ensure the safety of drinking water and worry-free health. Therefore, the filter element equipment must be replaced frequently to achieve the effect.