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Understanding of three filter machines and how to choose a filter machine on the industry website

Aug 09, 2018

The filter machine is arguably the necessary equipment for manufacturing various filter elements. Therefore, only knowing what it is and how to use it properly can obtain a quality-qualified filter product and let the filter machine perform its specific function. Not to waste the device.


1. Product selection of filter machine on the industry website

There are many different ways to purchase the filter machine. One of them is purchased on the industry website. However, it is necessary to know some specific information, such as product parameters, origin, quality, price and manufacturer information. In addition, we must also understand the market conditions in order to have an accurate judgment of the product price. If necessary, you can call the product manufacturer, which is conducive to product purchase.


2. Simple understanding of three filter core machines


(1) Sanitary filter machine

This is a specific type of filter machine, and there are corresponding parameters, which are the filter specifications and counts, material, caliber, operating pressure and polishing level. In the material of the filter machine, it is SUS304 and SUS316L, and the operating pressure is 0.7 MPa. In addition, the application of sanitary grade filter machines is for post-filtration and gas filtration of ultrapure water, which can be used in beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

(2) Clamp filter machine

This kind of filter core machine is the same as the sanitary grade filter machine in the parameter item, and the material is the same, but the operating pressure is smaller, it is 0.5MPa. The main application of its products is in water filtration, so it can be used in the production of beverages.

(3) lifting ring filter machine

The ring filter machine is also in the category of filter machine, so there are corresponding parameters, but the specific parameters such as operating pressure are different from other filter machines. The operating pressure of this type of filter machine is 1 MPa. The application of its products is in RO front and rear filtration, PCW filtration and water filtration.


3. Filter element for air filtration, do different materials correspond to different filter core machines?

The filter element is mainly used for filtering. If it is used for air filtration, then this kind of filter element can be called air filter element. On the material, there are two kinds of activated carbon and fiber. In addition, it may also There are some other materials. The air filter cartridges of different materials, the corresponding filter core machines, are certainly different, but they are collectively referred to as air filter production equipment.http://www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com/