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Use of PP, CTO filter in filter equipment

Aug 12, 2020

1. Disinfection method of the filter element: 1. Disinfect in a special disinfection cabinet, only need to take out the filter element and place it in the disinfection cabinet and sterilize at a high temperature of 121 degrees for 30 minutes; 2. There is also an online disinfection method.  Install the filter element in the filter according to the correct steps, where the distance between the fixed plate and the filter element is about 0.5mm, and steam sterilization for 30 minutes.  Second, the identification of the flow direction of the filter element is generally from the outside and the middle, and it can be carried out in different directions during forward and backward washing.  Third, the identification of the filter element aperture: the housing of the filter element is generally marked with hot melt fonts, and the material and aperture of the filter element are described above.