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Water dispenser special water purifier filter machine

Sep 14, 2019

 Filter water dispenser water dispenser special water purifier, which contains activated carbon filter, activated carbon can absorb organic matter, can remove organic matter in the water, can remove residual chlorine, but for example, microorganisms, inorganic substances, toxic and harmful things can not be removed.  Then the ultrafiltration water purifier, in addition to activated carbon, has an extra layer of ultrafiltration membrane, which can remove macromolecular organic matter and remove bacteria.  But the best filtering effect is called reverse osmosis processor.  There are several types of water purifiers on the market: microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. The reverse osmosis water purifier has the best filtration effect, which can really filter out heavy metals and make drinking water safer.  The water purifier filter should be replaced on time, and the effect of overdue service is counterproductive.  The water purifier filter should be replaced regularly. Now there is a reminder of this intelligent replacement, which avoids the premature replacement waste and avoids the adverse effects on the water quality after the delay of replacement. This is one.  Another is that the current water filter requirements are too high, we now have a relatively wide range of water purifiers, so consumers should pay attention when using.