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Water purifier filter replacement time

Dec 25, 2019

 If the water purifier and water purifier appear in the following situations, they need to be replaced:

 • When the quality of the effluent is poor, the taste is reduced, and the pure water TDS value is increased;

 • The water flow is significantly reduced, check whether the filter or membrane is blocked (but it should be determined that it is not caused by the drop in water temperature)

 • The outer surface of the filter is covered by sludge impurities, or the filter is severely discolored;

 • The filter is severely blocked and the pure water machine cannot make water or pure water cannot flow out;

 Filter life issues:

 First class 10 inch 5 micron PP filter 4 tons / 3 months

 Second-stage 10-inch granular activated carbon filter 4 tons / 3-6 months

 The third level 10 inch 1 micron PP filter 8 tons / 3-6 months

 Level 4 reverse osmosis membrane 28-36 tons / 12-36 months

 Fifth level rear activated carbon filter 8 tons / 8-10 months