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Water purifier filter type

Dec 05, 2019

 1.PP filter cartridge-PP filter cartridge is mainly used to filter objects visible to the naked eye in the water such as sand and the like

 2. Activated carbon filter cartridge-Activated carbon filter cartridge is mainly used to absorb the odor and odor in the water, residual chlorine and some organics, which is mainly used to improve the taste.

 3. Ultrafiltration membrane filter cartridge-Because the pore size of the ultrafiltration membrane filter cartridge is only 0.01 micron, it can safely and effectively block impurities such as bacterial viruses and most organic matter.  The water produced by the ultrafiltration membrane filter is mineral water, which can be directly consumed.

 4. Reverse osmosis (RO) filter cartridge-This type of filter cartridge uses nanotechnology with a pore size of 0.1 nanometers. Because of its small pore size, nanomaterials can more effectively intercept scale, bacteria and other impurities in water.  It also needs a pressure bottle to work with electricity due to its small aperture, and it also needs to discharge sewage.

 5. Filter-carrying silver anti-virus filter-The filter-carrying silver anti-virus filter mainly plays the role of sterilizing and disinfecting tap water. Such water can also be safely consumed.