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What benefits can the fuel filter mechanism bring to the machine?

Jun 21, 2020

 1. What is the difference between inferior engine oil and fuel filter element and pure engine oil and fuel filter element on the equipment?

 Pure engine oil and fuel filter can effectively protect the equipment and extend the service life of other equipment. Inferior engine oil and fuel filter can't protect the equipment well, can not prolong the service life of the equipment, or even worsen the use of the equipment.

 2. Using high-quality oil, what benefits can the fuel filter bring to the machine?

 The use of high-quality oil and fuel filters can effectively extend the life of equipment, reduce maintenance costs, and save users money.

 3. The equipment has passed the warranty period and has a long service life. Is it not necessary to use high-quality excellent filter elements?

 The equipped engine is more prone to wear and tear, causing cylinder pulling.  Therefore, old equipment needs high-quality filter elements to stabilize the escalating wear and maintain the performance of the engine.  Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of money to repair, or you have to throw away your engine in advance.  By using pure filter elements, you can ensure that the total operating costs you spend (total cost of maintenance, repair, overhaul, and depreciation) are the lowest, and you can also extend the life of the engine.