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What filter products and PP material related and water purifier filter description

Jun 30, 2018

Filter making machine , the main role is to manufacture filter cartridges. Therefore, if you want to get a good quality filter product, you must know how to operate the filter. Therefore, you can only achieve this goal through learning and understanding. Moreover, in-depth understanding of the filter core machine can also broaden the horizon and increase the expertise in this area.

1. What are the filter elements for PP material on the product of the filter cartridge?
Among the different filter cartridges , PP wound filter cartridges and PP melt blown filter cartridges,these two belong to pp material filter cartridges. Although they all use PP as the material, they are not the same in terms of the structure and performance of the filter and its requirements. Therefore, these two should be treated separately, rather than confusing them.

2. Water purifier inside filter elements are manufactured by same one making machine?

The filter element used in the water purifier, if the water purifier structure is different or the filtration requirements are different, will use different filter elements to meet the requirements of its use, and the filter effect of different filter elements is also not the same. Therefore, in the selection of the filter machine, there will be different results, that is, for different filter elements, the corresponding filter core machine should be selected instead of using the same one.

3. Regard Filter Making machine price,What are the factors and aspects  and must be considered?
In terms of price, the factors and aspects that the filter machine must take into consideration, as well as the direct impact on the price of the filter unit, are the three dimensions of equipment, materials used, and requirements for use. Moreover, these three should be taken seriously and correctly considered so that they can contribute to the purchase of filter cartridges.

4. Filter elements,available for peanut oil filtration?
The filtering operation of peanut oil after pressing can be filtered using the filter element produced by the filter making machine, and it has no problem in use and can have good filtering effect. However, in addition to the use of a filter element, it is also possible to use a filter such as a plate and frame filter to obtain the same effect.http://www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com/