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What is a melt-blown filter?

Oct 23, 2017

PP Melt-blown filter is made of polypropylene superfine fiber hot-melt entanglement, also called PP Cotton filter, fiber in space randomly formed three-dimensional micro-pore structure, micro pore diameter along the filtrate flow gradient distribution, set surface, deep, coarse fine filtration in one, can effectively remove all kinds of particulate impurities and dust in the filtered liquid.

PP Melt injection filter cartridge is dense, uniform, high filtration efficiency and long life. As the particle will be in the PP Melt spray filter in the channel of bridging phenomenon, so that less than the pores of the particles can also be blocked, filtration efficiency of more than 98%, pp Melt spray filter itself high cleanliness, no pollution to the water, acid, alkali and other chemical reagents and organic solvents corrosion.

PP Filter Precision range 1~100μm, its flux is the same precision peak room filter more than 1.5 times times, can be configured with different types of end cover joints, to meet a variety of engineering installation needs.

PP Melt injection filter element belongs to the water filter, can be used for drinking water, domestic water, ultra-pure water purification equipment and petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries in liquid filtration.