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What is the secret of UDF machinery

Nov 18, 2017

Said to the UDF machinery, in general, actually is also in coconut shell, shells, or coal as raw material, then, we also is to actually pay attention to on its own, that is, through a special form of the production process, the appearance of the UDF machinery is black not finalize the granular, pore structure and for its adsorption performance is good, can be used in the purification of gas or liquid.


Next, we actually is also must pay attention to the UDF machinery is converged on adsorption or filter interception and catalysis for an organic whole, can remove pesticides, pesticide residue and organic solvents and other industrial chemical pollution caused by the effect. In addition to these, we also is to actually pay attention to it can remove the water of the organic substances or residual chlorine and other radioactive substances, and is also can have decolorizing effect or to taste


Generally speaking, the time limit for the UDF machinery is 3-6 months. And it is bigger than the table product, has better adsorption capacity. Is equipment in water pretreatment system, namely can grade filter before adsorption of have no way to remove the residual chlorine level to prevent the reverse osmosis membrane by oxidative degradation, at the same time, on its own, that is, can adsorption former level leakage of polluting substances, its peculiar smell, colloid and for pigment, substances such as heavy metal ions and cod is there will be more apparent adsorption removal effect. The sdi value of RO water can be reduced further.


UDF machinery activated carbon particles of speaking, that is, there will be a lot of pores with large specific surface area, then, we also is to actually notice it is will be strong physical adsorption capacity. The water itself is able to be adsorbed by activated carbon by means of carbon bed. In addition, the activated carbon on the surface of a noncrystalline part actually, that is, there will be some oxygen tube can, can through the coal bed of water organic pollutants were effective adsorption of activated carbon.


Finally, UDF machinery, as in the beginning we speak, it is a very commonly used water treatment equipment, on this point, it is also can be used as water treatment desalination system before processing, so that is can effectively guarantee the UDF filter mechanical level after the service life of equipment, on this point, that is to improve water quality, to prevent the occurrence of pollution, its special after can prevent reverse osmosis membrane, as well as with ion exchange resin and related pollution free residual chlorine poisoning.