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Whether air filter and raw material of filter are available in air conditioner

Aug 14, 2018

Air filter, this is one kind of filter, and has a wide range of applications, so it can be seen in many industries and fields.For this kind of filter, it must be operated correctly through comprehensive understanding and understanding, and get good effect.Therefore, the air filter will be familiar and understanding for its related knowledge content to learn and master.

Air filter this kind of filter, use which filter core can use to get rid of the bad smell in the air?

The air filter is a filter with a filter element. Otherwise, it cannot be filtered and filtered.If you want to get rid of odors, use activated carbon with potassium permanganate, or use ozone.

2. Air filter in air conditioner, is it air filter?

The filter in air conditioner, which is a kind of filter for air filter.And, this kind of filter is used to filter and purify air.Its concrete form in air conditioning, it is the nylon filter net that lies on the volute of air supply fan, basically be used to undertake filtering work such as prefiltration.Therefore, it can be concluded that air filters in air conditioners are an important part or device.

3. How do air filters achieve the purpose of air purification?

Air filter is a kind of filter which adopts porous filtration material to collect dust from gas-solid two-phase flow to achieve the purpose of air purification.After the air has been purified, it will be sent to the room again, so that it can meet the cleanliness requirements of the indoor air and the filter can be used effectively.In addition, this kind of filter should be placed in the correct position, and reasonable use, can guarantee to achieve the above purpose.

4. What are the raw materials for the high-efficiency air filter in the air filter?

In the air filter, there is a kind of high efficiency air filter, and the raw materials used in the manufacturing process are ultra-fine glass fiber paper, coated paper and aluminum film, etc., and also the wooden frame aluminum alloy.Among them, the ultra-fine glass fiber paper is used as filter material, the offset paper and aluminum film are used as dividing plate, and glued with wooden frame aluminum alloy.http://www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com/