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Whether it is convenient to buy on the filter machine industry website and the type of PP cotton filter

Oct 22, 2018

The filter core machine is used to manufacture various filter cartridges. Therefore, the filter cartridge machine can be said to be a major and important device in the production equipment of the filter cartridge. The following is an introduction to the filter machine, so that everyone has learning objects and learning content.

1. Does the filter cartridge in the water purifier have different specifications?

The water purifier, which uses the filter cartridge, is an important part and cannot be omitted. Different water purifiers will use different types of filters or different kinds of filter cartridge, so it will be different in the filter machine of their production equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to select a suitable filter machine to select the correct specification model and the appropriate type of filter cartridge, so that the water purifier has good performance and filtration effect.

2. Is it convenient and simple to purchase a filter machine on the industry website?

To purchase the filter machine on the industry website, you need to know the relevant information, including the product and the manufacturer. However, from a professional point of view, it is not complicated and difficult to carry out this work, that is, the purchase of the filter machine, so it can be said that it is very convenient and simple to purchase the filter machine on the industry website.

3. What are the specific product types for the filter machine that produces PP cotton filter?

The main product of the filter machine for producing PP cotton filter is PP cotton filter, and this filter can be of different types, which is:

Type 1: polypropylene melt blown filter, which is a PPF filter, the length is 10-40, the filtration range is 1-100um;

Type 2: PPF-P, is a polypropylene melt blown filter with a pp core, the length and filtration range is the same as PPF;

Type 3: PPF-D is a polypropylene fat melt filter cartridge with the same length and filtration range as PPF.

4. What is the flange of the large flow multi-bag filter machine? Are the filter cartridge in the filter the same?

The high-flow multi-bag filter machine, what is the flange mouth, mainly depends on how large the flange is, because it is determined by the size of the flange. The filter, which plays a filtering role, is different for different types or different uses. Therefore, the filter cartridge in the filter should be selected according to the actual situation and determined to be suitable, which is a suitable filter cartridge machine.http://www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com/