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Whether the correct and standard operation of filter core production equipment is important and the equipment is purchased

Aug 17, 2018

To filter production equipment, I believe you can filter manufacturer in home can see this kind of equipment, and the device is often seen and frequent use, because it is the main equipment, filter the products through it to get all kinds of specifications and various types of filter, products to meet different requirements.Therefore, based on this, the following is an introduction of the filter core production equipment to explain its relevant knowledge.

1. Filter core production equipment, is it a complete set of filter core production equipment?

Filter production equipment, with the filter compared to the full set of production equipment, can know is that between the two devices, if the simple view, is the same, because is used to filter the products, however, from the strict sense, can filter production equipment refers to a device, and filter a full set of production equipment, it is generally composed of several devices to, so on the equipment, the two still have difference.

2. Whether the correct and standard operation of the filter element production equipment is important?

It is required to carry out correct and standard operation to produce the filter elements with the filter core production equipment, because if this is not done, the product quality and use effect cannot be guaranteed, and there may be damage or damage to the equipment, which may lead to economic loss of users.Therefore, correct and standard operation of filter core production equipment is very important, and it must be done.

3. In the process of filter core production, do different equipment have different functions?

Different equipment will be used in the production process of the filter core, and different equipment used is corresponding to different functions and functions.For example, the shearing machine is used to cut the screen, the round hole network and so on to get the appropriate size of the inner and outer filter core.Using the reel is used to coil the inner and outer net of the filter core.In addition, the pressure welding machine and the extruder are respectively used to carry out the inner and outer mesh welding of the filter core and increase the tuck density of the filter core to ensure that the filter core reaches the required filtering area.

4. Is the quality standard of different filter core production equipment the same?How to choose the production equipment of automobile air filter?

The quality standard of different filter core production equipment is the same from the perspective of its basic requirements. There is no difference, but in details, there may be differences due to different filter core production equipment.As for the selection of automobile air filter manufacturing equipment, the basic considerations are the same as that of ordinary filter manufacturing equipment, which includes equipment parameters, production area, quality, price, after-sales service and manufacturers.http://www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com/