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Whether the filter machine online purchase is convenient and the clamp filter parameters

Oct 24, 2018

The filter cartridge machine is used to manufacture the filter element. Therefore, it is a filter cartridge machine and is representative of the filter cartridge machine because it is used more. Then, based on this, the next step is to learn and understand the equipment to achieve the correct and rational use of the filter machine.


1. Is it convenient to purchase the product of the filter machine on the industry website?

The product selection of the filter machine can be carried out on the industry website, and it is convenient to carry out this work. As long as you know the origin, parameters, price, etc. of the product, in addition, please refer to the local market and know the manufacturer. Contact information, so that you can conduct telephone consultation to help smooth the purchase of the product, so that you can choose the right product and make the product fully utilized.


2. Melt-blown filter cartridge, which filter cartridge machine can be produced? What is the quality of the product?

Melt-blown filter cartridge, which can be used as a production line for filter cartridges and filter cartridges, specifically for melt blown filter cartridges and melt blown filter cartridges. The standard of melt blown filter quality is: the filter core structure is compact and reasonable, the use is simple and convenient, the fault problem is not easy to occur during use, and the service life is long. In addition, there must be good performance and filtering effects.


3. What are the parameters of the clamp filter machine?

Clamp filter machine, which is a specific type of filter machine, and this filter machine has corresponding parameters, which is:

Filter specifications: 10-40inch

Filter count: 3, 5 and 7

Material: SUS304 and SUS316L

Type: bundle ring type

Caliber: 1”—2.5” mouth, flange

Filter end cap: double opening

Operating pressure: 0.5MPa


Clamp filter machine, which can be used for circulating filtration of washing machine, RO front and rear filtration, PCW filtration, and general water and recycled water filtration, can be used in the beverage industry.


4.CTO filter cartridge machine and activated carbon filter cartridge, are there any differences in the filter machine used?

CTO filter cartridge and activated carbon filter cartridge, which are two specific types of filter cartridge, the corresponding filter  cartridge  machine is CTO filter machine and activated carbon filter machine, all belong to filter production equipment, but different filter machine types. Therefore, although they are all filter cartridge machines, there are still differences in the components, specific uses and performance of the filter cartridge machine.http://www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com/