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Wound Filters Made by The String Wound Filter Cartridge Machine

Nov 20, 2017

The wire winding filter in the string wound filter cartridge machine has very good filtering properties of textile fiber yarn that can be precisely wound and wound on the porous skeleton to be refined. And, the filter core yarn material for the winding filter machine includes polypropylene fiber, polyamide fiber and cotton fiber, etc. In the process of winding, it will be used to control the winding and loose density of the yarn, which can be used to make the filter element with different precision.


Next, when it comes to the characteristics of the string wound filter cartridge machine, we will actually is also found on its own relatively high filtration precision, traffic is very big also, relatively small, the differential pressure on its own has high crushing strength, and the amount of pollutant carrying on its own is very big, no poison and smell, and finally, there is no secondary pollution. It has a very good deep filtration effect on the small outer diameter of the filter aperture. For the filter, then it is itself also have different variety of material, at this point, can satisfy the requirement of all kinds of liquid filtration, achieve a good filtering effect.


The function of the string wound filter cartridge machine is to effectively remove the suspended solids and particles in the liquid. There is a large amount of traffic, and the pressure loss is small. It also appears to be a bit higher on the filter load, which means it will be longer in life. Can withstand high filtration pressure. On the basis of the nature of the filtered liquid, for its winding filter machine filter, that is, there will be a variety of different material can for us to choose, make the filter and filtrate has better compatibility.


The wound filters of string wound filter cartridge machine ,the main purpose of the first point, is refers to the application in food and beverage industry, including mineral water, syrup, alcohol and its edible oil, beverage and application of cola drinks, etc. Then, in the electronics industry, it will be used in pure water, organic solvents, printed circuit boards and electroplating. In addition, its application in industrial oil will include oil from different industries, such as hydraulic oil, lubricants and its cutting oil.


When the filter cartridge of string wound filter cartridge machine is applied in the filtration water, it will include the pre-filtration treatment on the middle and the large ultra-pure water system, and the pre-filter treatment of water in the beverage industry. Next, the filter of the wound filter machine in the food industry, including edible oil, vegetable oil filtration, syrup and its various chocolate, slurry filtration; Of course, the filter on heavy oil, fuel oil, and the filtration of its high viscosity resin and grease should not be ignored.