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Yarn filter core can provide different specifications of pp wound filter machine

Jan 19, 2018

The so-called pp wound filter machine refers to a whole set of equipment that USES high quality polypropylene yarn as raw materials, and USES advanced technological process to process yarn filter core.Due to the continuous improvement of production technology, the performance of pp wound filter machine used in the current system also has obvious day rise


So far, the application scope of pp wound filter has been expanding.Therefore, the pp wound filter machine is often used in water purification, beverage, food, chemical, oil, pharmaceutical, electronic and environmental protection industries.In the actual operation, the equipment can coil different types of yarn according to the requirements of the users to meet the filter core processing requirements.


In combination, the pp wound filter machine machine has excellent performance and can provide a great help to the producer.After being put into use, it can obviously improve the product quality and production speed, and also greatly reduce the labor intensity.


In other words, after using pp wound filter machine, it can not only guarantee the quality of yarn, but also have the function of full line stop, which is convenient for changing line.And in the normal operation state, the energy consumption of the equipment is lower, and the utilization efficiency of materials is higher, which can reduce waste


At present, we according to user requirements using pp wound filter machine all kinds of filter products, can meet in tap water, beverage, water and industrial water filters and electroplate liquid, chemical liquid, and even oil filter


In a word, the appearance of pp wound filter machine, not only improve the quality of the yarn filter products, but also effectively improve the work efficiency at the same time, more users to provide quality yarn to use filter